USA Waiver

What is a US Waiver?

A USA Waiver is an application made through the United States Department of Homeland Security that allows Canadian citizens who can not enter the US to legally cross the border.  If you have any criminal records or your visa to enter the USA has been refused for misrepresentation make sure to contact a US Immigration lawyer so you can travel with a peace-of-mind and cross the border with a US entry waiver or a Visa waiver program to get past customs and border protection (CBP).

Don’t risk getting denied at the border.

Our firm offers to provide you with assistance in compiling your documents for submission.

Can I renew a US Waiver?

Yes, we suggest starting the renewal process almost 8 to 10 months before the expiry of your current waiver to avoid any gap which might cause a delay in your travel plans to the USA.

Legal fee:

How much does it cost?

CAD $5000 including application fee

We provide the following services:

 Access to two email/telephone calls per month

2-3 months of processing documents.

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