Appeal – Spousal Sponsorship Canada

After you apply for your spousal sponsorship application for your loved one, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship’s (IRRC) officer might have some concerns and doubts about your relationship with your spouse or common-law partner. It can be because of your application, the supporting documentation, and the information you provided during the interview. The officer will send you a Procedural Fairness (PF) letter in order for you to explain and address the officer’s concerns by providing an explanation or additional documents.

However, there is a possibility that your application might be refused after replying to the PF letter. There is an opportunity for you to appeal the Immigration officer’s decision.

The Appellant should prove the following two test prongs:

  1. that the marriage was not entered into primaily for the purpose of acquiring a status or privilege under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), and
  2. that the marriage is genuine.

During the appeal, the Appellant must establish, on a balance of probabilities, both that the marriage was not entered into primarily for the purpose of acquiring a status or privilege under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and that the marriage is genuine. 

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