USA Family sponsorship – Steps to take After Your I-130 Petition Is Approved

After you submit your I-130 petition with all the necessary documents and if it is approved then the following will take place: After submission of I-130, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will send you a letter which is called Approval Notice- Notice of Action 2 that your petition is approved. Then USCIS will send your approved I-130 petition to National Visa Center (NVC) for pre-processing. NVC will be collecting fees, forms, and required documents from the petitioner and beneficiary.
You will receive a case number and welcome letter. The welcome letter includes instructions on how to proceed with payment and which forms to complete.
When NVC issues your case number, you will receive a welcome letter with instructions:
If you have applied for your spouse, you need to pay two fees for the Immigrant visa and a fee for the affidavit of support before an interview being scheduled.
Before you schedule an interview with the USA embassy or U.S.A consulate you should complete online form DS-260.
I-864 is a sworn affidavit and a legal document that the US petitioner will support the beneficiary financially in order for the beneficiary to avoid using public assistance. Then NVC or the consulate will send an instruction letter for an interview to the beneficiary.
After an interview, If the beneficiary and petitioner met the requirements then the authorities will notify them that an Immigrant visa has been approved and a request for submission of passport.

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