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I had an appointment with a young woman just recently. She was an international student, and her graduation was in a few months. Her study program was a two-year program in one of the colleges in Vancouver, BC. Canada. Her concern was if she could apply for a work permit after she graduate from this particular college. It was a straightforward question to answer. We looked it up on IRCC’s website for her college eligibility for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). She could not apply for a post-graduate work permit after graduation. International students should be aware of many agencies that advertise colleges and schools. Most of these agencies receive referral fees from colleges. Studying in Canada as an international student is a path to obtain immigrant status in Canada. International students need to qualify for post-graduate work permits after graduation from an eligible college and gain Canadian work experience to qualify and apply for Canadian permanent residency. International students pay hefty tuition to study in Canada, and the majority of them hope that they can apply for a post-graduate work permit in Canada after graduation. Do your own research before applying for a college in Canada. Contact to speak to Vancouver Immigration Lawyer. #VancouverImmigrationlawyer

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