Immigrate USA -Marriage-Based USA Immigration – I-130

We have helped many of our clients to immigrate USA and apply for USA Green Card through marriage either from inside the USA or outside of the USA. The process of applying for a USA Green Card through marriage is complicated and often confusing. 

Who are our clients?  Our clients are mainly Canadian and American located across the border from each other. Our main office is located in a city neighbouring Washington state, USA. Our clients drop by our office sometimes from Blaine, Bellingham, or Seattle Washington state when they visit their spouse or fiance in Vancouver, BC Canada. 

A marriage green card  – Spousal Sponsorship petition allows the spouse of a U.S. citizen or a USA green card holder to live and work in the USA. A green cardholder will have permanent resident, PR;  status until they apply for U.S. citizenship status after meeting the eligibility requirements. 

Marriage-based Green Card from outside of the USA:

First (1 ) Step- I 130 petition: The Sponsor, a USA citizen or a USA green card holder will complete the I-130 petition. The Sponsor provides personal information, such as employment history, addresses, etc. The Beneficiary completes I-130 A application and provides detailed personal information such as employment history, addresses in the USA and any other countries, etc.  The Beneficiary does not need to sign the I-130 A  form. 

Proof of  Relationship:

As part of their petition, they should provide: Evidence of visits such as tickets, various places they have travelled and visited together, pictures of their wedding, marriage ceremony, and social gatherings with friends and families, etc. Evidence of communication with either other such as texts and call logs. 

Evidence of financial support:

If the sponsor has financially supported the Beneficiary or has sent gifts. 

We suggest saving all receipts for financial support and gifts.

Proof of relationship letters:

The letters should be from someone who knows the Beneficiary or the Sponsor or both. We suggest that friends and family members of the Sponsor or Beneficiary include in their letters of support the followings:

  • Relationship with either of them,
  • A description of how the relationship started and how they became aware of the relationship,
  • A statement that if the couple’s relationship is real, genuine, continues based on the personal knowledge, and
  • The friends’ or families’ contact information, complete address, and date of birth.

I also include a copy of their friends or families’ identification and witness their friends’ signatures and notarize it if they are located in BC. 
The immigration officers are searching for any indication that the marriage is entered for purpose of obtaining immigration status. The letters should show that the relationship is genuine and that the couple has been building a life together and is not entered for purpose of Immigrating to the USA.

What is the application fee for I-130?

 I-130 petition:

 USCIS application fee: USD $535

Lega fee: CAD $5000

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