Spousal Sponsorship – Application- Canada

Canada Sponsorship Application – Genuine Relationship

How to apply for family spousal sponsorship Canada: To determine whether Applicant is a member of the family class based on the Applicant’s marriage to the Sponsor, they must provide evidence to address the following questions:

  1. Is the relationship between the Applicant and Sponsor genuine?
  2. Did the couple enter into the marriage primarily for immigration purposes?

Is the relationship between the couple genuine?

To establish the genuineness of a marriage various criteria are considered. These criteria are not exhaustive. The weight to be given to the various criteria varies from one appeal to another depending on the circumstances of the case. These criteria are as follows:

  • Length of the relationship and the amount of time spent together
  • Spouses’ knowledge of each other
  • Parties’ behaviour and compatibility
  • Levels of continuing contact and communication
  • Provision of financial support
  • Sharing of responsibility for the care of children brought into the marriage
  • Intent of the parties to the marriage

We help many clients with their spousal sponsorship applications to Canada. Sometimes, there is an age difference between couples.  We provide our clients that they should explain the reason they married each other or are together despite the age difference.  Sometimes, we are retained to answer the Procedural Fairness request received by the client.  The PF’s letters are frequent when specifically, the woman, sponsor; is older than the man, Applicant, even though the Federal Court noted that it is unhelpful in determining the genuineness of a marriage where the spouses’ ages were the subject of inappropriate questioning.

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