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Application for spousal sponsorship in Canada. Spousal sponsorship allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their foreign spouses or common-law partners to immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents. To have a successful application for spousal sponsorship, you will need to provide documents to demonstrate that your relationship with the sponsor is genuine and legitimate.
Here are some common documents but not all for spousal sponsorship that can be used to show the genuineness of your relationship with each other:

  1. Marriage certificate (if you are legally married) or proof of common-law partnership (if you have been living together for at least 12 months).
  2. Photos of you and your spouse/partner together, along with friends and families, showing your relationship over time.
  3. Joint utility bills or other joint financial documents showing that you share living expenses.
  4. Proof of communication between you and your spouse/partner, such as emails, letters, chat logs, etc.
  5. Joint bank accounts or shared financial commitments.
  6. Affidavits or letters of support from friends and family who can attest to the authenticity of your relationship.
  7. Joint property ownership or rental agreements.
  8. Travel itineraries or joint travel documents showing you have spent time together in person.
  9. Any other relevant documents that show the genuineness of your relationship, such as joint memberships, joint insurance policies, etc.
    Review your application and supporting documents is complete before submitting your Spousal Sponsorship Application and ensure that the documents you have provided thoroughly show that your relationship is legitimate and not entered into for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration benefits.
    This is not a complete list of documents and there are exemptions as well. Our Vancouver Immigration lawyer at YA Law Corporation highly suggests that you check the official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or contact to speak to an Immigration lawyer for the most up-to-date and accurate information about spousal sponsorship requirements in Canada. Immigration law is complicated, and IRCC guidelines can change, so it’s essential to rely on the latest information available.

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