Canadian Citizenship Application

Children born abroad to a Canadian parent- Canadian citizenship is a valuable status that offers rights and privileges, including the ability to vote, run for political office, and obtain a Canadian passport for easy travel and access to consular assistance abroad.

How can I become a Canadian Citizen?

To become a Canadian citizen, one typically needs to meet certain eligibility criteria, including residency requirements, language proficiency, and passing a citizenship test. The process involves completing an application, submitting required documents, and attending a citizenship ceremony where one takes the Oath of Citizenship.

Canadian citizenship can be acquired automatically in a couple of ways:
By Birth in Canada: Any person born in Canada automatically acquires Canadian citizenship, regardless of the citizenship or immigration status of their parents.

By Birth Abroad to a Canadian Citizen Parent: A person born outside of Canada may automatically acquire Canadian citizenship if at least one of their parents was born in Canada or was granted Canadian citizenship through naturalization before the person’s birth. This principle is based on descent.

I am a Canadian permanent resident, and I want to apply for citizenship:

To obtain Canadian citizenship, you generally need to meet the following criteria:

Permanent Resident Status: You must have permanent resident status in Canada. This means you have been living in Canada as a permanent resident for a certain period, usually at least three out of the five years preceding your application.

Physical Presence: During the qualifying period, you must have been physically present in Canada for a specific number of days. Usually, you need to be physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days out of the five years preceding your application.

Income Tax Filing: You must have filed your taxes for at least three years in the most recent five years before you file your citizenship application.

Language Proficiency: You must demonstrate adequate knowledge of English or French, Canada’s two official languages. This typically involves passing a language test, unless you qualify for an exemption based on age or medical condition.

Knowledge of Canada: You must pass a citizenship test, which assesses your knowledge of Canada’s history, values, institutions, and symbols.

Intent to Reside in Canada: You must declare your intent to reside in Canada if granted citizenship.

Criminal Record: You must not be under a removal order (have an immigration hold) or be subject to any criminal prohibitions or pending criminal charges.

Once you meet the requirements, you can apply for Canadian citizenship by completing the appropriate forms, providing supporting documents, and paying the application fee. After submitting your application, you may be asked to attend an interview or provide additional information. If your application is approved, you will be invited to a citizenship ceremony, where you will take the Oath of Citizenship and officially become a Canadian citizen.

Our fee including tax and application fee is $2200 with no criminal admissibility or any other issues.

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